CAREMIND Studio is a project arising from the experience of Mariafrancesca Azzi, psychiatrist and psychodynamic psychotherapist. Her psychodynamic background was widened by recognized systemic and phenomenological studies, with the intent of pursuing the best care possible and the wellbeing of her patients.

Through her professional experience, Doctor Azzi collaborated with several clinical realities, performing different roles: psychiatrist among public and private clinics, psychiatrist for forensic evaluations, lecturer at the University of Padua. Doctor Azzi growth a depth knowledge in research and clinical practice in the field of personality disorders, addiction, and trauma. She is also specialised in Rorschach testing.

CAREMIND Studio approach to the patient considers the individual through a holistic perspective. CAREMIND Studio tries to find long-lasting solutions, by caring about the profoundness of the suffering arising both from the individuals as well as from those closer to them. Thence, CAREMIND Studio offers a team made of several professional figures, to guarantee patients a wider psychological support. The different professional identities present in our team give to CAREMIND Studio a multidisciplinary asset, allowing the assessment and the treatment of several difficulties and different disorders: we adapt the therapeutic response to the specific situation. The multidisciplinary team facilitates this process, allowing the selection of the best therapeutic practice to produce tangible and durable results.

Foreign awarness

“The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page”


The amount of people travelling across countries and living abroad is growing faster and faster and our cities are becoming true cultural melting-pots. Sometimes living in a foreign country is circumscribed in time, some others is an adventurous life choice. As thrilling as it can be, adjusting to different cultures may be tricky and disorienting. FOREIGN AWARENESS is a project specifically designed for those people who are not native Italian speakers, who are seeking for psychological support or practical help for daily living activities. CAREMIND Studio offers sessions of psychological support held in English, as well as a wide range of services to guide the person in the discovery of the city.

All the proposal are planned accordingly to the individual requests and needs, to promote the psychological and social wellbeing of foreign students and workers.

Psychological services

  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Psychiatric treatment and monitoring
  • Psychological assessment
  • Psychological support
  •  Psychotherapy sessions

Educational services

  • Discovering the city: guide to Padua and its sites of interest (public transportation, offices, general practitioner, University, touristic attraction, recreational sites and clubs, main social and cultural events)
  • Support while searching for an accommodation.
  • Help with the compilation of administrative documentation.


Dott.ssa Mariafrancesca Azzi

Dott.ssa Mariafrancesca Azzi

Psychiatrist and psychodynamic psychotherapist, project officer. She oversees the psychiatric evaluation and treatment.

Dott.ssa Edvige Ronchi

Dott.ssa Edvige Ronchi

Educator and pedagogue, she oversees the discovering of the city and the activities of support for accommodation and documentation.

Dott. Riccardo VOTADORO